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Review - Smartwatch from Sony

Posted on Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Smartwatch from Sony will be quite capable in the future and will become the progenitor of a new class of electronics and a multi-billion market. But here is the realization of potential in this particular product while leaving much to be desired.

The first "whazzup" happens until SmartWatch recoverable from the box. Quality housings and well thought design causes only positive emotions - the clock just a pleasure to hold in your hand. This is exactly what always took the soul of products from Sony.

But press a single button - and there is the dull screen of Sony SmartWatch which is framed by the edges of the thick black border. OLED-display diagonal of 1.3 inches and a resolution of 128 × 128 pixels as if came from a different era and are not pleasing to the eye, a spoiled modern "retinitis." A picture in the sun fades and does that to watch explicit ergonomic failures.

Strictly speaking, Sony SmartWatch is not new - the device appeared on the market last year, and judging by the abundance of proposals to market buying it online is not a problem. But full of curiosity views of colleagues and friends - not profane in technology - have shown that this test of Sony SmartWatch is not so hopelessly late: gadget has not yet become commonplace.

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